Melissa Batson (PhD)



Melissa Batson obtained her PhD in Neuroscience in 2010 for her work on audiovisual perceptual learning in the Vision Sciences Laboratory at Boston University, USA, with Takeo Watanabe. She then worked as a PostDoc in Leuven, BE, in the Laboratory voor Neuro- en Psychofysiologie through 2010 and at the Erasmus MC and UMC Utrecht until present; in the Systemen Fysiologie Group and the Divise Hersenen in Psychaiatrie, respectively. Research interests include fMRI  investigations of visual and cerebellar processing at various field strengths, modeling of learning and/or psychophysical behaviour and voxel-based timecourse modelling.

Research interests

  • Imaging cerebellum at 7 tesla
  • Cognitive computations of the cerebellum
  • Sensory learning (in the cerebellum)

Current projects


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