Cortico-cerebellar networks in cognition



The cerebellum plays an important role in the learning of complex motor skills, mainly through supervision and update of egocentric models of expected versus percieved results of an action. Along this line, the same cortico-cerebellar loops from motor-learning models could also accomplish a similar goal (learning) with non-motor tasks. Recent evidence in humans and animals demonstrates that structural connections to the frontal lobe exist, and that functionally the lateral cerebellum is also involved in response selection and decision making. In this project, we acquire fMRI activation at a very high resolution using a 7T scanner to further illuminate the role(s) of the cerebellum in learning and cognition. 


People involved


M. Panouillères, S.F.W. Neggers, T.P. Gutteling, R. Salemme,S. Van der Stigchel, J.N. Van der Geest, M.A. Frens, D. Pélisson (2011). Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Motor plasticity in human lateral cerebellum: dual effect on saccadic adaptation. Human Brain Mapping 33(7):1512-25

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